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Governor Walz has ordered all Minnesota schools to remain closed with distance learning in place through the end of the 2019-2020 school year to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

For more details about what this means for students and families, and how our district will continue to support you in the coming weeks visit our website at
MSHSL COVID-19 Related Updates:

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The Board of Education requires a minimum of 43 credits in grades 9-12 in order to graduate. In order to be eligible to participate in athletics, students must meet a minimum number of total credits as well as a minimum number of credits in core areas (English, math, social studies and science). Student-athletes at Stillwater Area High School will be considered Fully Eligible, Probationary, or Ineligible based on their credit status as outlined in the table below.

Probationary student-athletes will be monitored on a weekly basis by teachers and coaches. During the probationary period, it is expected that the student- athlete pass all classes taken for credit during that semester. If there is a “F” grade at any point in the semester, the student-athlete will be ineligible for practices and competitions until all classes are passing. A contract will be written for the student-athlete and signed by the student, his or her parent, and a school official.

Ineligible student-athletes will not be able to participate (sign up) for athletics until the probationary standard has been met. Students who are Ineligible by credit standing may earn Probationary status provided they have completed five credits the previous semester.

GRADE 9      
GRADE 10 10 total credits
6 core credits
9 total credits
6 core credits
Fewer than 9 total credits
and 6 core credits
GRADE 11 21 total credits
14 core credits
19 total credits
13 core credits
Fewer 19 total credits
and 13 core credits
GRADE 12 32 total credits
20 core credits
30 total credits
18 core credits
Fewer than 30 total credits
and 18 core credits
GRADE 9 5 total credits
3 core credits
4 total credits
3 core credits
Fewer than 4 total credits
and 3 core credits
GRADE 10 16 total credits
10 core credits
15 total credits
9 core credits
Fewer than 15 total credits
and 9 core credits
GRADE 11 26 total credits
17 core credits
24 total credits
16 core credits
Fewer than 24 total credits
and 16 core credits
GRADE 12 38 total credits
24 core credits
35 total credits
22 core credits
Fewer than 35 total credits
and 22 core credits.