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TRUST Buddies (True Respect Unifies Students Together) - new for 2018-19 school year

First meeting:  September 12 2018  7:00 AM
Meeting Schedule:  Flex time every other week, possibly after school depending on events
Location:   Wrestling gym                                                                                         

The goal of TRUST (True Respect Unifies Students Together) Buddies is to give SAHS students a new outlook on kids with disabilities. The program combines students with and without intellectual/physical disabilities to develop meaningful relationships, help spread acceptance, and ensure everyone feels included and welcome at SAHS.  Connecting students with their peers who have disabilities helps our school community extend to all students.  Students with disabilities want to feel included in their environment, and knowing they have peers they can trust makes it more likely they will engage in activities with small groups.  Being surrounded by people they trust and enjoy helps boost self-esteem, providing confidence to accomplish tasks that were difficult for them before.  This club will create new friendships, help students get involved, and allow everyone to feel a sense of inclusion, while bringing joy and happiness to those involved.  

If you are interested in joining a club, please register on Fee Pay, even if there is no fee associated with the club.

Advisor:  Paula Harrison
Contact info:
Phone: 651-275-2157