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Yearbook (Kabekonian) | SAHS | Grades 9-12

Status for 2020-2021:  Active

Kabekonian is the name of the Stillwater Area High School yearbook. Students enrolled in the Yearbook class produce the Stillwater Area High School yearbook. The Club meets every day during the3rd & 5th hour Yearbook classes.

The Kabekonian was founded in 1916. Kabekonian is an Ojibwe word that translates to "the end of the trail." There is a legend in Ojibwe that tells about how the Ojibwe came to be in this area and that they decided the end of the line would be "by the still waters." Throughout the years, the Kabekonian has been an award winning yearbook and in 2015 it took 2nd place Best of Show at the state Journalism Convention.

Staff Advisor(s):  Laurie Hansen

Staff Advisor(s) Contact Information: 
Type of Club:  Academic  Fee: None
Meeting Days:  Daily

Time:  1st, 3rd, 5th

Student Leader (s):  Alex Steil
Student Leader(s) Contact Information: 

How to Register:

If you are interested in joining a club, please register on SmartSchoolK12, even if there is no fee associated with the club.  

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